Contact Midtown Square Mall:
Phone: 320-251-2393
Address: 3333 W Division St Suite 204 St. Cloud MN 56301


       Midtown Square Mall, a two story building with an attached four story office building has 181,500 square feet of retail and office space, has been in St. Cloud since 1982. Our building is continually updated as tenants are afforded the flexibility of modifying their leased space as the needs of their business evolves.

       Midtown Square Mall is proud to announce the opening of St. Cloud's newest banquet and event center called The Tuscan Center at Midtown Square. The Tuscan Center currently features 3 rooms to be rented out to the public for weddings, banquets, graduations, and business meetings. The Tuscan Ballroom seats approximately 225 people,The Tuscan Courtyard seats approximately 120 people and the Tuscan Lounge can provide seating for about 50 people. Recently, The Tuscan Bistro was added to offer food and beverage services Monday through Friday with great daily specials and patio seating! Open weekends by appointment. For more information feel free to visit the website at

midtown square mall west entrance midtown square mall east entrance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I go to register for a drivers license?

A: Drivers License registration is available near St. Cloud Family Restaurant.
   - look for the yellow sign that says Department of Public Safety.
∗ open until 4:30
∗ phone 320-255-3044
NOTE: Car License tabs are not sold at this location.

Q: Where is the Workforce Center (Unemployment) ?

A: Mn Workforce Center moved out of Midtown several years ago. They are now located at 1542 Northway Drive - near Whitney and Tech College

Q: Does Midtown rent conference rooms to the public?

A: Yes we do. There are several options for using our rooms on a short term basis. Please call our office at 320-251-2393 for more information. We also have The Tuscan Center at Midtown Square which has three different sized event and banquet spaces to offer.

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